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Boilers & Heating

Replacing an old boiler is a 20-year-or-more investment.

While today's boiler technology provides greater efficiency than before, the piping from the boiler also plays an important role in how efficiently the boiler and system work together and how long the equipment lasts. The distribution piping immediately exiting the boiler (commonly called the near-boiler piping), if not done correctly, can have the effect of a blocked artery, forcing the heart of your system to overwork in its attempt to get the heat to where it's needed.

Having the correct piping and a balanced distribution system will eliminate problems like overly cold or warm rooms, system noise, recurring breakdowns, wide swings in room temperatures, and energy waste leading to high fuel bills.

While any plumbing company can install a boiler and send heat to your radiators, Gateway Plumbing and Heating will design a system for your needs that burns as little fuel and lasts as long as possible.

All this adds up to lower fuel bills, far fewer greenhouse gases and a 20-year commitment to a way of heating that finally makes sense.

We can provide a wide variety of boilers and heating products as soon as you need them and work with you for your unique requirements. The vast majority of boiler replacements are completed in a single day, and repair jobs are treated as emergency calls requiring immediate service.

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ES2 Mid-Efficiency (85%), Cast-Iron Boiler (Water Only)

Series 2 Standard-Efficiency (80%), Cast-Iron Boiler (Steam Only)

Independence Standard-Efficiency(82%), Cast-Iron Boiler (Steam Only)


Ultra High-Efficiency (93.3%), Cast-Aluminum Boiler (Water Only)

EG Standard-Efficiency, Cast-Iron (83%) Boiler (Water or Steam)

Triangle Tube

Prestige Solo High-Efficiency (95%), Stainless-Steel Boiler

Indirect Water Heaters