Recent Project: High-Efficiency Boiler System
This is a high efficiency installation in a Brooklyn multi-family that incorporates modulating boilers, a European hydraulic separator and intelligent control system.


Recent Project: Radiant Floor Heating.
There are no radiators or warm air ducts in this room. The entire Brooklyn Brownstone has been converted to clean and efficient hydronic radiant floor heating by Gateway Plumbing & Heating's factory-trained installers.


Recent Project: Office Water Closet.
A battery of wall mounted water closets will be installed in this large office space.


Recent Project: Green, Flame-Modulating Boiler.
Incorporating "green" equipment and design into every project is every mechanical professional's responsibility. Gateway Plumbing & Heating uses flame modulating boilers to greatly reduce fuel consumption whenever possible.


Recent Project: Rooftop Fog System.
This rooftop fogging system acts as outdoor air conditioning for the building's pampered tenants. It really cools the air on a hot day!


Recent Project: Rooftop Misting Nozzles.
Fogging system water atomizer nozzles create a cloud of cool mist in hot weather.


Recent Project: High-Efficiency Boiler System.
Our technicians take pride in their work. With a quality high-efficiency installation like this, why wouldn't they?


Recent Project: Full Office-Space Heating and Plumbing Installation.
Someone's getting nice new office space in NYC. Gateway is on the job providing fire suppression, heating and plumbing.


Recent Project: Site Inspection.
Our site supervisors ensure a quality installation from the very beginning.


Recent Project: Building-Wide Service.
Working in New York City since 1976 has allowed us the experience of installing and maintaining some more creative and unusual fixtures and mechanical systems, we believe, than many other firms have the opportunity to encounter.


Recent Project: Imported Bathroom Fixture Installation.
Italian-designed shower and water closet imports are becoming increasingly popular.


Recent Project: Wall-Mounted W.C.
Wall-mounted water closets allow you to keep the floor cleaner and allow some NYC apartments to have a toilet where there wasn't one before. No more chopping holes through the floors!


Recent Project: Custom W.C. Sink.
The his-and-hers faucets, together with an extended basin, shown here are an updated version of the double-basin design commonly used in the '70s and '80s.


Recent Project: Custom W.C Installations.
Understated designs are, undoubtedly, the look of today.


Recent Project: Custom Exposed-Copper Radiator.
Our client wanted exposed copper as part of the interior design. We made this functioning copper-pipe radiator as the sole heat source for the room. It works very well without ever getting as hot as a typical radiator.


Recent Project: Boiler Installation.
Anthony and Craig do outstanding boiler installations. Both started as helpers and developed their skills under the direction of Gateway's team of other mechanics.


Recent Project: Copper Pipe Soldering.
This type of quality pipe soldering is consistent with the attention to detail you'll have throughout your job.


Recent Project: Drop Header Boiler Installation.
Drop header piping configuration. This way of installing a boiler leads to a better quality of steam which often translates into quieter operation and more effective and efficient heating.


Recent Project: Water Filtration System.
Gateway Plumbing and Heating provides and installs whole-house or point-of-use water filtration systems to suit your needs.


Recent Project: Refurbished Vintage Radiator.
Sometimes older is just better. This refurbished radiator fit nicely into this restored bathroom.


Recent Project: European Shower Fixture.
European shower retro-fit to existing plumbing.


Recent Project: Piping Reconfiguration.
Don't let this happen to you. This Barber Wilson thermostatic shower valve was improperly installed by inexperienced tradesmen. Consequently, the walls had to be re-opened and the valve and piping reconfigured by our technicians.


Recent Project: Radiator Installation.
Two-tier cast-iron convector radiators combat this cold glass wall to make this family room accesible all year 'round.


Recent Project: Steam Boiler Installation.
Steam boilers are installed as specified by manufacturer. No shortcuts are ever taken so that the warrantee will remain in effect for the life of the boiler.


Recent Project: Multi-Level Radiant Floor Heating.
NYC's top Architects and Design/Build firms trust Gateway for their large-scale custom residential projects, including those with whole-house radiant floor heating installations.


Recent Project: Team Piping Installation.
Mechanics and apprentices work in two-man teams for a safe and efficient work day.


Recent Project: Behind-the-Wall Piple Placement.
In NYC's real estate market space is uniquely valuable. There is little margin for error for behind-the-wall pipe placement.


Recent Project: Multi-Level Radiant Floor Heating.
Warmboard is engineered to be used as both structural subfloor and radiant heat emission product. The Warmboard company recognizes Gateway Plumbing & Heating as a quality installer.


Recent Project: Underground Piping Installation.
We still install underground piping using time-tested bell-and-spigot service weight cast iron. The brackets will support the pipe in poured concrete later.


Recent Project: Traditional Radiator Installation.
Working in teams to make sure your finished product has a polished look and functional design.


Recent Project: Indoor Swimming Pool Plumbing.
This exquisite NYC residence will include plumbing for an indoor swimming pool.


Recent Project: Large-Scale Heating and Plumbing Work.
High-end projects in New York City are routine work for the project managers and estimators at Gateway Plumbing and Heating from rough to finish plumbing, sprinklers and mechanicals.


Recent Project: Shower Pressure Booster.
Tired of showering under a trickle of water? Think about installing a pressure boosting system. They really work.


Recent Project: Multi-Boiler System.
Multiple boilers work together to maximize efficiency and reliability.


Recent Project: Boiler Retrofitting.
High efficiency Revolution boiler by Burnham Mfg. Co. retrofitted to existing hot water heating system.


Recent Project: Steam Boiler Guidelines.
This is a typical warning against the use of copper pipe when installing a steam boiler. It is included with the installation instructions accompanying a new boiler. ALL steam boilers MUST be assembled with threaded steel pipe and fittings.


Recent Project: Drop Header Piping/Indirect Water Heater.
A recent Park Slope steam boiler installation incorporates a drop header piping configuration and an indirect water heater with a lifetime warranty.


Recent Project: Hydraulic Separation.
Hydraulic separators increase a circulating hot water system's efficiency and effectiveness. The separator also removes air and dirt from the piping while preventing overheating in satisfied zones.


Recent Project: Drop Header Piping.
This piping arrangement is called a "drop header". It allows for a better quality of steam and improved system performance. A boiler is a twenty-year investment. Why not do the little things now that make such a difference later?


Recent Project: Automatic Water Heating.
Automatic water feeders for steam boilers should include a digital readout to track usage and bypass an isolation valves for servicing and manual filling.


Recent Project: Caleffi Hydro-Link Efficiency Unit.
This is a work in progress. All the rage in Europe's energy-conservation-conscious market, Caleffi's Hydro-Link units are making America's heating systems perform at a new level of efficiency.


Recent Project: Efficiency Boiler Setup.
This steam boiler makes domestic hot water which is stored in the tank on the left. The blue box on the top right cycles the boiler based on the outdoor and system temperatures. These units combine to achieve highly significant fuel savings.


Recent Project: Distribution Manifold Setup.
At the customer's request, the existing 10 year old boiler was left in service to heat the water in this distribution manifold.


Recent Project: Distribution System for Multiple Heating Zones.
Field-fabricated heat distribution system allowing for multiple heating zones within the structure for maximum efficiency and control.


Recent Project: Imported Shower Fixture.
Trust Gateway Plumbing and Heating to intall your imported fixtures.


Recent Project: Heat Distribution System.
(Work in Progress) This is an elaborate primary/secondary heat distribution system fit into a West Village townhouse. No shortcuts are ever taken when your comfort and safety are at stake.


Recent Project: Timely Service On Call.
Our fleet of service vehicles are manned by the most carefully-screened and uniquely-qualified plumbing and heating mechanics. We're the ones to call.


Recent Project: Boiler System.
While most any plumbing company can install a boiler and make it "work". Gateway engineers a system that maximizes efficiency creating far fewer greenhouse gases, minimizes breakdowns and extends the life of the equipment.


Recent Project: Retrofitted Boiler System.
High efficiency Revolution boiler by Burnham Mfg. Co. retrofitted to existing hot water heating system.


Recent Project: Heating Distribution System.
Work in progress. Upper East Side.


Recent Project: On-Demand Diagnostics and Shop Drawings.
Easy-to-read, as-built shop drawings were provided by Gateway Plumbing and Heating for the customer's records.